Industrial Rope Access

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Industrial Rope Access is an Access method that allows ANY trade to be carried out in difficult or inaccessible areas in a quick and safe manner by dual ticketed technicians (IRATA qualification with either Trade or Profession).

PRA specializes in Industrial Rope Access; which is internationally governed by the Industrial Rope Trade Association (IRATA). To work under the IRATA trade mark, companies must undergo a Quality Assurance Audit for the provision of the services offered. IRATA members were found to have the lowest Lost Time Injuries under a U.K Occupational Health & Safety study

This method can be up to 20 times faster than scaffolding and saves logistical, personnel problems that are hereditary with scaffold. As our technicians are dual qualified, fewer personnel are needed. This in the long run saves large sums of money due to shortened shutdown durations, less accommodation requirements and minimizes transportation costs.


  Erect Access Grit Blasting Weld Preparation Non Destructive Testing Repairs required from NDT Dismantle Access
  A B C D
Scaffold 950 Man-hours Comparable Measured by meters/weld 475 Man-hours
Rope Access 12 Man-hours 3 Man-hours

A + D = (Constant value x Cost of down time for equipment per day)

12 Days (1425 Man-hour) x $10300  per day = $123,600

Total cost for access (A + D) 

Scaffold $266,100 ( & scaffold hire)           Rope Access $12,000