PRA offers specialist welding to all Codes and Standards. Our professional team of Welders and Boilermakers can perform tasks once thought to be extremely difficult and costly with innovative access ideas and with minimal impact.

PRA has extensive experience in the following types of projects:

  • Silo and precipitation tanks for stress corrosion and crack repairs
  • Pipe fitting, refurbishment, repairs and replacement.
  • Installation & repairs to precipitation tank stabilisers & draft tubes
  • Structural member replacement in loaders, conveyors, stackers and draglines. (Raw materials handling)
  • Onshore and offshore pipeline construction and maintenance.
  • LPG, LNG asset construction and maintenance.
  • Coal silo thickness and crack repairs
  • Gantry crane maintenance, running beams and structural load points.

PRA’s welding personnel and boiler makers are qualified in a variety of disciplines to meet our client demands. They are well-versed in the standards, guidelines and codes of practice relevant to their field of expertise. Many of our clients require specific weld procedures for their sites and because of this, PRA have developed a detailed pre-mobilisation procedure to ensure all relevant verification tests completed prior to commencement on any site works.